Example code to include NOTAM display applet in your page:

<iframe width=350 height=90 src='http://notams.euroutepro.com/applet.php?notam_site=se&rows=5&chars=22&icao=EK&show_icao=1&show_from=1&show_to=1&show_ident=0&header=1' scrolling=no frameborder=0> </iframe>

Note: You can submit the icao parameter as either POST or GET. If both are provided, POST has a higher priority. This enables you to overwrite the icao using a simple form on your page.

Note 2: You must provide either display_site or notam_site to define presentation layer (CSS, colors etc.). At the same time you must provide either notam_site or icao to define search criteria. Therefore, two combinations are common:

Version 1 - condensed view (7/50):

Same thing, different size (5/22, site=be, icao=EBBR, show_icao=0, header=1); also, an example is shown on how to create your own ICAO search box:
Put your ICAO here:

Same thing, but showing dates not notam numbers (5/22, display_site=bg, icao=EP, show_icao=1, show_from=1, show_to=1, show_ident=0, header=1):

Example of showing only events: (3/25, notam_site=pl, icao=EP, show_icao=1, show_from=1, show_ident=0, header=1, events=only ):

Version 2 - detailed view (4/70, show_box=1, v=2):